Dental Care

Periodontal (gum) diseases are one of the most diagnosed conditions in our clinic. We offer comprehensive dental services to our patients. Come see us to discuss all the necessary steps to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy, from tooth brushing to dentistry (scaling, polishing and tooth extraction).

Why is oral health important?

It is very important to maintain your pet’s good oral health. Periodontal disease often leads to bad breath, severe inflamed gums (gingivitis), pain and even loose teeth that need to be extracted. Because oral health can greatly affect their quality of life, we strongly recommend an annual exam to properly assess your pet’s mouth.

How often should I brush my dog’s teeth?

At least 3 times a week, but once a day is even better!

What happens during a professional dental cleaning?

During the dental procedure, we will scale and polish your pet’s teeth under general anesthesia. A comprehensive oral exam will also be carried out to detect existing pathologies and provide you with a treatment plan if needed.

What are the signs of dental problems in cats?

It can be difficult to recognize signs of dental problems in your pet. Most cats can suffer a great deal of pain and will rarely stop eating because of dental disease. Owners should watch out for changes in eating habits, bad breath and bloody gums. Through an oral exam, performed during your pet’s annual wellness check-up, the veterinarian will be able to detect signs of periodontal disease.

What types of canine dental care services are offered at your clinic?

Scaling, polishing and tooth extraction with digital X-rays